Bloomsberry-Choc-er-cise Milk Chocolate Bar 100g – Made in Australia

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  • RRP: $9.95
  • Choc-er-cise Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Catch Phrase: Lift, Bend, Snap, Crunch and repeat, 100g workout in every bar. Leg warmers not included.
  • Designed to fit your lifestyle choices, The Bellaberry Chocolate 100g  ‘CHOC-ER-CISE Chocolate ®’ Milk Chocolate. Will meet exceed your most demanding expectations, whatever they are. ‘CHOC-ER-CISE Chocolate ®’  Milk comes encased in a hard wearing matt laminated cardboard carton built to take all the knocks that your exciting action packed lifestyle can throw at it.
  • Made in Australia

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